We have created these activities to support you in your time with children. We know that sometimes it can be hard to know what to do, where to begin or how to spend time with the children in our lives. Here is a place to start.

As adults we search for the next cool game, toy, or book that can ensure our students, children, and clients have FUN! Please use these resources as jumping off points for your time with children…remembering that YOU are the most powerful tool they can ever have! Taking the time to sit beside, alongside, upside, downside, seaside with children and read to them, can impact them in thousands of positive ways.

Some children may find this book very readable and enjoy it in their own time, but it was written, first and foremost, to be read to a child. To spark the magic of connection and attunement that happens when we spend time with them.

We hope these tools support this magical time with children. All tools were designed to support diverse skills for all children.

If you have created your own awesome ideas to use with this book, please share with us through our contact page! We love to hear about how Narwhal is making his way around the world.


Coloring Pages

Printable coloring sheets featuring our pal Narwhal


Culinary Creations With Narwhal

Creating conversation while cooking along with Narwhal

Build A Sandwich

Cutting and language tips for re-creating the GREATEST SANDWICH THE ARCTIC OCEAN HAS EVER SEEN!


Move With Narwhal

Add some movement to your story time with Narwhal


Take a mindful moment with Narwhal


Christmas Cheer

Christmas-inspired activities for the holiday season